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A Day at the Circus

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My view of the circus "theater" clowns

My view of the circus “theater” clowns

I recently experienced my first circus in Kyrgyzstan. My husband and I took our kids and went with some of our friends. Two of our friends had already purchased their tickets but the rest of us needed to purchase tickets “at the door”. Interestingly, kids 5 and under entered for free so only the adults needed tickets. We arrived a bit later than we wanted to; the circus was minutes from starting and there was a huge mob of people at the ticket window. We decided to let the children go on in with our two friends who had tickets and the remaining 4 of us waited to buy our tickets. It seemed we would miss this particular show altogether because the line didn’t appear to be moving at all. The ticket window would be open for a few minutes and then the attendant would close it. It appeared the majority of those waiting were buying tickets for later shows so they weren’t as concerned about the wait. About 30 minutes into the show we finally had our tickets and were allowed inside. We made our way to the back of the theater. Yes, theater. I had never been to a circus in a theater before. I immediately figured that this circus probably didn’t include animals, and I was right.


the Russian acrobats

For our first few minutes there were clowns doing goofy tricks and getting kids from the audience to participate. Initially it was cute but then I tired of it and started to wonder what else I could have spent my money on. However, the acts really started to improve as the belly dancer/snake charmer, acrobats, and strong man took the stage. The goofy clowns would come out for some light entertainment between the main acts. The male Russian acrobats were really impressive as one of the guys balanced the other guy on his head! By the end of the show I was glad that I had spent my money on this experience. While it was different from any other circus I’ve seen (namely because of the absence of animals!), it is worth repeating.

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