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Weather Can Be Strange

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Winter was a very mild one for us this year. We knew and heard that winters in Karakol are not as cold as in Bishkek. We were looking forward to this since we have had a few very cold winters in the past. This winter, though, was abnormally warm and all our local friends said that it was very unusual. Spring came early to Karakol and the roads were fairly dry compared to early March the year before. We had a couple weeks of great warming-up-but-still-cool weather, but one day we woke up and there had been a light dusting of snow. This was not unusual since I know that Colorado gets the same thing every year. By mid-morning there was no sign that snow was even around. The day warmed up, birds were chirping, and the sun was shining bright. It seemed as though the snow had actually refreshed the greenery because all the trees looked so bright and green. The next week the same thing happened. Derrick and Ryan got up and there was more snow on the ground than the week before. “Snow!” was Ryan’s chant as he raced back into the room to tell me of his luck. Sadly all our winter gear had either been thrown away, packed, or given away. Poor kid wouldn’t be playing in the snow as far as non-snow shoes were concerned. As with the week before, by afternoon all was warm and cozy. The next morning Ryan crawled out of bed and ran to our kitchen window. He enthusiastically cried out, “Snow!” and with a sleep-filled voice I corrected him saying that the snow was all gone. I pulled myself out of bed, looked outside, and there was snow! It was heavier than the day before and blanketed everything with fluffy white. I stood there thinking hard about how many layers I would have to put on in order to stay warm at the university. Did I put my boots away already? Where were they? I hadn’t worn them for weeks. It was amazing to me that only once, maybe twice, in the whole winter had it snowed like it just had in the middle of spring. Well, in the end the sun came out, warmed the land, and proved to be snow’s kryptonite once again. The only thing that was a reminder of the snow that morning was the steam billowing up from the streets as the sun warmed the blacktop.

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