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Ashlan–Fu:The Karakol Experience

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DSC_3771There are certain dishes that are specific to a very small location. One of those would be Ashlan-Fu. I am not much of a food critic, so I might leave the discussion of this tasty, cold, soupy salad to someone who will extol the virtue of Ashlan-Fu much better than I can. But, one thing is common knowledge around here: Karakol is the home of Ashlan-fu. It is the place that people come to have it. It is available in every fancy restaurant (granted there really aren’t many of those) and in every hole in the wall, or at the central food court for either bazaar. The other day we had some guests and ventured out to our food court. Now this is an experience. You sit on long stone benches or on a saw horse and a woman at the end of the table makes your Ashlan-Fu and fry bread right before your eyes. Where you sit determines who your cook will be. Most likely that woman made everything from scratch: the rice noodles, the egg noodles, cut up the veggies and stirred it all together for this delectable cheap lunch. I am now a believer that every foreigner who comes to Karakol has to make a stop in the food court of the central bazaar and experience the atmosphere of the metal building, the stone table covered with cheap plastic, the small bowls of local goodness and tasty hot fry bread. Come and join us next time you are in town!


One thought on “Ashlan–Fu:The Karakol Experience

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