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Women’s Day

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Every year in March, Kyrgyzstan celebrates Women’s Day.  I assumed that it would be celebrated similarly to Mother’s Day in America, you know when you send an ecard to your mom or maybe buy some flowers or go out to eat, but it turned out to be a much bigger holiday than I expected.  Most women in Kyrgyzstan work hard every day, but this is the one day that they get to sit back a little and relax.  As my friend and I went to serve tea and bread that morning, he taught me how to say happy women’s day in Russian and we started passing everything out.  Normally people are fighting to get their food, but on Women’s Day the men made sure that all of the women got served first as everyone shouted happy women’s day wishes to each other.

Later that day, I was invited to go with some of my friends to their landlord’s house for dinner.  I decided it would be nice to take something to them since it was the first time I would be in their home and since it was such a big holiday for the women.  As I walked through the bazaar everyone was rushing around in a frenzy buying last minute gifts, food items, and tons and tons of cakes!  Bakers on every corner were selling beautifully decorated cakes and men swarmed around them trying to buy for their wives and mothers.  I finally settled on a cake and headed out to meet my friends.  The evening was a blast and the cake was absolutely delicious, but what I really enjoyed was spending time with the women sitting around the table who ordinarily would have been busy scurrying around the kitchen preparing food.

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