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Observations from the Chinese Cabin

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6823191859_b0e6c93b46_zI have always felt that flying in an airplane is a universally uniform experience. Well, my attitude is being adjusted as I have had some rather unique experiences on some domestic flights in China. I have in a short period of time been on five separate legs of Chinese flights, and have to my amusement found the experience to be enlightening and entertaining. Let me fill you in on a few of the tidbits:

During the safety instructions that were very correctly and modestly demonstrated by adorable Chinese stewardesses, when they got to the part about the life vests and used the term “Ditching the airplane” it just made me giggle. Yeah, I guess we do ditch the plane if we are jumping down slides, but I have never thought of it like that.

Smoking on board: yup, haven’t had that happen for a while, but on one of my flights, it was obviously allowed as for 4 hours we breathed recycling smokers’ air. That brought back some childhood memories.

not quite Beats by Dr DreAnother total reminder of bygone days: way before Dr. Dre came out with his ear buds, we had these. Wow. Never thought I would see these again. I should have taken some and seen what they would have gone for on ebay!

During one flight, I walked down the aisle happily noticing that the lavatory sign showed that it was unoccupied. Sweet! No long wait (people in this part of the world take fooooorever in the bathroom!) As I pushed open the one accordion door I pushed them right in on a man who was thankfully standing at the sink. Oops! Turning around I more cautiously pushed on the other accordion door and low-and-behold that one was occupied as well. I think the Chinese instructions on those doors need to be reworded. Something is lost in translation there!

“Please do not attempt to open the cabin doors. The flight attendants are specially trained to operate the doors. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.” Announced twice during one flight. I think that one speaks for itself.

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