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And Then There Was Mud

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Now that the weather has slowly been warming, our ice land has transformed. Spring, my usual favorite time of year in Kyrgyzstan, will look different this year. In Karakol the temperatures are milder than in Bishkek. We didn’t have nearly as cold a winter as Bishkek did and summer here is not nearly as hot. The locals say the nearby lake has that effect on the surrounding area. It will get warmer quicker in Bishkek while it will stay pretty chilly here. Even though it was colder there than here the ice will stick around a lot longer and will take longer to melt. What does that mean for us? It means that we are in for a season of mud…which is okay. It’s okay because it’s a reminder that we had snow and that means water for plants and trees in the spring. It’s a reminder to be thankful that we will get tasty fruits and vegetables come summer and fall. Although, this is not a time to be wearing fancy, expensive clothes or shoes. Jeans will most likely be tucked into boots to prevent them from getting too dirty. At least boots are easily cleaned. My son will love this season as he loves to walk into puddles and splash around. It is time to consider buying galoshes and at least a couple pairs of shoes for him. The time of fearing the slip and fall on ice has turned into the time of fearing slipping into mud.

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