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Valentine’s Day Party, Part 2

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Our language center’s Valentine’s Day party was a huge success judging by how much our students as well as the teachers enjoyed it.  In my last blog I talked about the novelty of cookie decorating for the students and how much they enjoyed doing something creative that they had never experienced before.  As the party came to a close though, their creative juices kicked in full force for the card decorating.  After the program was done we decided to have some different coloured paper, markers, scissors, etc… ready for everyone to use if they chose to stay longer and make Valentine’s Day cards.  I expected some of them to stay, but thought that most would go home considering it was nearing dinner time at that point.  However, many of them stayed and some were even planning how they would walk each other home since it would be dark out by the time they were done and walking alone at night isn’t the smartest decision here.  I sat down next to some of the Korean language students and began decorating a generic and very uncreative Valentine’s card.  After about ten minutes I started looking around at all of the students’ cards to see what they looked like and was amazed at some of the extravagant designs they had on their cards.  Flowers made out of paper were glued to cards, heart shaped cards were cut out, pop up hearts and flowers were in many of the cards, and one card was even made to look like a pop up chicken!  Looking at theirs made me feel pretty bad about mine so I just started admiring all of the creative ones they had made…they certainly don’t take their card-making lightly here in Kyrgyzstan.


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