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Toys Don’t Last Forever

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It’s always great to see my little boy playing. He has a bin of toys that he loves to dump. He is in love with his giant Lego blocks. He is very creative in building his towers out of blocks. Among the stuffed animals, mixed puzzle pieces, and broken crayons, there are a great number of toys that are in broken pieces. Most of these toys are cars. Over the past couple of years we have collected our fair share of cars bought in Kyrgyzstan. To this day, all but a single car has made it through a single week intact. He has gotten cars for his birthday, Christmas, and random events throughout his 2 and half year life. He has not figured out that cars are not invincible. Well, I should say that “Chinese” toy cars are not invincible.

CIMG2851Every time he gets a new car, his eyes light up and he jumps continuously. He receives the tiny vehicle and immediately starts driving it on walls and crashing it up and down on tables and chairs. It makes me cringe to see him play with his toy so aggressively and with so much passion, knowing that these moments only last a little while until car destruction. Within the hour of the gifting, he manages to break something. Often, it’s the frame of the car, because it is only held together by a very flimsy plastic base. As soon as this happens, he often chucks that part away, almost as if he knew it was going to happen. Then, it’s only a matter of days when the rest of the car starts crumbling before our eyes. It may be the back wheels that go first. Sometimes a part of the base will crack in an odd place. Or the wheels may not spin because they bend out of position. Bending the wheels back into place only weakens the rods to snap anyway. I have only seen one car make it past a month before its demise. This week I saw this car snap in half. Yes, it had a great run. But now it’s time to find another car for my son to destroy. What he needs is one of those old “Tonka” dump trucks that I had as a child. Those tanks could last through the apocalypse. But for the moment, Chinese toy cars will have to do.

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