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Valentine’s Day Party, Part 1

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During classes at our English Center we try to have a party/celebration a month just to get students more involved, get them practicing some more English, and to teach them about American events and holidays.  So February 14 we threw a big Valentine’s Day party with the intention of teaching them about the history of Valentine’s Day, how it is celebrated in the United States, and allowing them to do some of the American festivities that typically go along with the holiday.  As we were planning what to do we decided to bake some cookies to see if they would be interested in decorating them.  This is an entirely foreign concept here in Kyrgyzstan so we weren’t sure how much they would enjoy it but decided to try it out anyways.  I was in charge of manning the decorating table and slowly a few girls meandered over to the table at the beginning of the party and started decorating.  After a while there was a whole group of girls decorating, and soon a lot of the guys joined them.  We had planned on maybe spending 45 minutes decorating and hanging out before the “program” began, but by the time an hour had already passed by, we were literally pulling cookies away from the table trying to get them to stop decorating.  Who knew cookie decorating would be such a huge hit amongst all of the students?

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