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A Learning Child

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It’s great to watch my son grow. It’s even greater to hear him talk. Lately my son has been saying a ton of words and small sentences. He has been saying numbers, colors, animals, and his wants. When we visited the zoo in Karakol (, he repeated us as we named all the animals. When we watch movies, he often tries to quote his favorite characters. He expresses his wants when we go to the bazaar or to shops around town (days like this… Yes, he has been repeating EVERYTHING we say. So we often stop ourselves and make sure he says things correctly.

Here are his top 6 favorite words/phrases:

6. tak (means “like so” in Russian)

5. fish

4. Diana (he thinks all cats are called this)

3. see you later

2. kiss…hug (they always go with each other)

1. MORE!!! (in an ascending pitch)

On many occasions he babbles. But in the babbling he mutters Russian words! I noticed this after I saw him “talking” with his babysitter one day before I went off to work. They were holding a very simple call and response conversation. Hearing him say “da”, “nyet”, and other simple Russian words made my heart melt. Ever since then I have kept a sharp ear out for when he speaks to determine what he is saying. In some of his rants I have heard him speak words in English or Russian. This new phase in parenting is very fun and I am so excited to see my little boy grow in his languages.

He's growing in his painting skills also!

He’s growing in his painting skills also!

One thought on “A Learning Child

  1. Aww how cute! Good job buddy! Keep it up aunty is proud of you Ryan!


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