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Kyrgyz Waiters and Grandmas

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my daughter and her ice creamWe were in Bishkek recently at one of the most western malls in town, Vefa Center. We decided to sit down and eat at Imperial Pizza. My daughter is a very picky eater and we were having trouble deciding what to order for her. She has not really discovered that most kids like pizza and she should too. The most we can usually get her to eat is some crust.

The waiter had already stopped by a few times to take our order and we were just not ready. He understood the dilemma and started to flip through the menu in front of us. I’m thinking…I know ya’ll don’t have a kids’ menu, so what are you so sure that we should order for her? Guess what he flips to? The desserts of course! He points out a pretty picture of chocolate ice cream in a tall glass and then adds to that blini (Russian pancakes). We caved and ordered them for her. He knows how to make a sale at least!

When he pointed to the ice cream, I was immediately reminded of Kirsten’s grandmas. Because we live so far away, they aren’t really privy to Kirsten’s day to day eating habits. They only hear from us that she is a picky eater. When we visited the states over the holidays Kirsten stayed with each of them at different times while Scott and I had a date or a meeting to attend. When we asked them how she ate for them, they would respond with something along the lines of “She ate great! She loved the happy meals, pancakes, ice cream….etc.”

Well, Scott and I know that she’ll eat that stuff! What we really want to see her eat is more fruits, vegetables, and protein!

I guess there is no point in trying to win over Kyrgyz waiters or grandmas offering ice cream.

One thought on “Kyrgyz Waiters and Grandmas

  1. have you found the closest ice cream shop for my next visit??


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