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I met a young man who is a part of our language program in Karakol. He wants to practice speaking English and he’s pretty good at it. The 1st conversation we had included agriculture business. I had a few questions about how agricultural business is done in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. The following was very interesting to me.

I asked him a few questions:

1.“What is success?”

2. “What does success look like?”

3.  “How do you succeed?”

The questions were posed under the situation of a cattle seller in Karakol. I found this student’s opinion very interesting. He thought that if a seller could sell $15,000 worth of cattle, that seller would be successful. So we mapped out how to accomplish this with a diagram of what the business would look like. The crude drawing included one family unit, the expenditures of the family unit and the expenditures of the business.


In this awesome, crude drawing, we included what is important and what are some basic needs and wants. We got carried away and didn’t finish our “business plan” before he had to leave. I am very excited to see more of him and find out some of the keys to what business looks like in Karakol.

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