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The Mystery Drink

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my mystery drinkThe other day, as some friends and I were walking around the bazaar trying to purchase necessary groceries, we decided to go into the Caravan store. This store is the most American-like store in Karakol and has several aisles filled with all sorts of expensive goodies. As we strolled down the aisles, I soon reached the drink section and decided it would be fun to pick out one that I was not familiar with and try it. I began perusing the options and soon settled on the one in the picture because I couldn’t quite tell what it was. The liquid itself was clear looking, however the picture on the front, in my opinion, looked like some sort of leaf with a worm on it…NOT very appealing looking! So, naturally, I was intrigued as to what it was and bought it and tasted it. It was actually pretty good and later I found out that it’s actually a birch tree sap drink. You just never know what you’ll find here.

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