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Preparations, Part 2

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the delivered crib with mattress, pre-assemblyTo continue on with the baby preparations, I thought I’d tell you a little about what it takes to get something like a crib delivered. In the states when we bought a crib, I took the box off the cart at Target and loaded it into the back of my truck or Magevney’s SUV, I don’t remember which now. No big deal. If you have it delivered, then a big box truck will show up and a couple of guys will get it out of the truck and carry it into your house. When we purchased the crib for my soon-to-arrive princess number 2, I wasn’t sure how I would get it home. Yes, we have a small Hyundai SUV that I could fold down the seats and load it in, maybe, but I just wasn’t sure. The crib was fully assembled. How am I to get this thing home?

I asked the seller at Tsum if she could have it delivered. She seemed to have to think it over a little before answering. She could have it delivered. The charge – 100 Kyrgyz Som or about $2.25 USD. She said it would be there the next day after business hours. She took my name and number and off we went. Fast forward a day and around five in the afternoon, my phone rings. The crib is here and the delivery man asks which entrance to the building is ours. I frantically ran downstairs to help carry this crib up the four flights only to discover on the second floor an older taxi driver carrying both the crib and mattress! I tried to help carry it but he refused. This older man carried them both all the way to our door alone. Oh, and the crib had been disassembled and re-boxed. I guess I could have saved myself the stress of asking to get it delivered and done it myself. That is ok because it did provide a good language milestone and the crib is here. Now only if assembly was as easy. Instructions not included.

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