Life At Point C

Experiencing Life along the Silk Road

The Shop People

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I shopped for my usual groceries today at my shops that I usually go to. I go to a shop that is owned by my neighbor, I go to a particular lady in the bazaar for produce, and I purchase meat from a shop that my wife discovered in the summer. It was a normal day and I needed some groceries for dinner.

The first shop I went to the lady asked me where I work. I told her I am a teacher at a language center. I left and went to the bazaar to get some fruit. The lady there asked me the same question. “Where do you work? What do you do?” I gave her the same answer. I paid and left chuckling to myself. I left the bazaar to the shop where I buy meat. Of course, the man asked the same question as I paid. “I am real famous today” I thought to myself. I left and pondered why everyone asked me the same question. Maybe the paranoid part of me was thinking that someone is out to get me. But the other side of my brain was telling me that this was the first time that my regular vendors asked me a personal question. But all on the same day? I am real famous today. I thought it was a little odd, but funny enough to not worry.

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