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Payin’ the Bills, Part 1

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Paying bills in Kyrgyzstan is a lot different than paying bills in the US. We don’t have a mailbox to receive paper bills here. Typically the bills are hand delivered to your door. If you aren’t home, the little paper bills are stuck in your door or gate. We are fortunate to live in an apartment as far as these little bills go, because we have friends who have lived in houses and on windy days their bills have been lost.

The billing cycles have varied between Karakol and Bishkek. In Bishkek it seems that we could expect our bills about the same time every month, and here in Karakol we have not quite figured out when to expect them. In both places it has served our best interests to pay the bills within a day or two of receiving them. You don’t get much time before they start cutting off the electricity, internet, phone, water, etc. Additionally, if you have had renters before you who were habitually late in paying, you may be the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and get yourself blacklisted for paying late on a certain bill. Then you have to jump through more hoops than just paying the bill.

Well, you now know that if you move to Kyrgyzstan you need to look for paper slips in your door and then pretty much pay those bills immediately. Next week I will talk about where and how bills are normally paid here.

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