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A Hair Dryer Fiasco

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For any of you out there who have traveled a few times in your life you know the ever great annoyance, but also the ever great importance of making sure that either:

1. You have a large enough transformer for all of your appliances

2. All of your appliances are dual-voltage

This is no easy feat when in the US trying to explain to store workers the difference between 110 and 220 volts and how a mere adapter is not always enough.  So about six months ago I decided that instead of lugging a massive and extra heavy transformer to Kyrgyzstan with me, I would be sure to purchase a dual-voltage hair dryer.  One was purchased and as soon as I arrived in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan I began attempting to move the switch from the 110 side to the 220 one.  This was a much more difficult task than I had expected and so I asked a friend (who happens also to have been an electrical engineer in the US) to look at it for me.  As he began to take it apart he found that the dual voltage switch was in fact a dummy and not connected to any other part of the hair dryer!  So, in my attempt to be prepared for moving abroad and buying a so called dual-voltage hairdryer, the result is a non dual-voltage dryer that currently lays in pieces and has no practical use whatsoever.  Oh the joys of false advertisement!

my rip-off hairdryer

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