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Preparations, Part 1

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With a baby on the way, we obviously have some preparations to make. Add to that the fact that we are leaving to go to Turkey soon to have the baby. Needless to say, we have been busy. On our way to Istanbul, we will spend a couple of nights in Bishkek. Part of this is to allow us to meet with some friends and colleagues there but mostly it is insurance. When you live in a country as mountainous and as far north as Kyrgyzstan, it is wise to leave a day earlier than you would normally think of leaving. What about a major snow storm or even an avalanche? We are living over a mile high and have to go up hill to go through the pass between here and the Chui Valley.

So on to the point. I’ve been studying Russian for a while now and I am making progress but certain things are still rather difficult, especially anything needing more specialized vocabulary. So when we started doing some of the preparations needed to leave and bring home a baby, I ran into some language stretching moments. The first of these came when we went to get a final ultrasound and get a doctor’s note to be able to fly. The doctor only speaks Russian and Magevney and I have no medical Russian knowledge. Amazingly, and resulting in much pride, we managed to get through the appointment, talk to the doctor and her assistant about the baby, our 3 year old daughter, and why we were heading to Turkey rather than staying put or heading stateside to have the baby. And we came out with the note allowing us to fly! It was a proud moment.

Then later in the day, we had another stretching moment.  We went crib shopping. Now honestly, this one was less stressful. It was just a purchase, though it did include some special instructions. We had to get it delivered. Just a few minutes after arriving, we had the crib purchased, at a reduced price due to a tiny crack in the paint, the mattress purchased, and the delivery arranged. Yet another proud moment. If you mess up numbers on a small purchase, it doesn’t hurt too much. You mess up on a larger purchase and you start feeling the pain a little stronger, mixed between your pride and your wallet. In this case, we did it and without any pain. Yet another language learning milestone. They may seem small but they sure feel good when you are slogging your way through learning language, immersion style.


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