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Winter Bazaar Shopping

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products from the bazaar tripIt was a chilly January day at the bazaar. My husband, 3 year old daughter and I scooted and slid slowly through the narrow, frozen paths. My list included some winter basics and general restocking after being out of town for over a month. Here was my list: 2kg sugar, 10 eggs (they’re not sold by the dozen here but by tens), cheese, butter, kolbasa, some kind of fruit, toilet paper, shaving cream, conditioner, teapot, bath mat, and a small toy for Kirsten. (Yeah, yeah, she’s spoiled, we know! J) Kirsten was specifically looking for a pink elephant. Scott and I knew there was a slim chance of that one, but we have been surprised before. In the end we spotted a pink hippo, a pink dinosaur, and a pink guitar with a white elephant, but she decided on a small fishing set.

For me, bazaar shopping is successful if I come home with half the stuff on my list. I deemed it a very successful trip. Kirsten was happy with her selection and we got the basics we needed. I didn’t plan on spending much time looking for just the right teapot and bath mat at the bazaar with a 3 year old in tote. We didn’t find those items at the bazaar, but we got everything else. I wish I had kept specific track of everything we spent to give you an idea, but I’m guessing we came home with all these items for under 1,300 Kyrgyz Som, or about $27.

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