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A Ski Trip to Remember

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view from the slopesSince being in Karakol I have had my hopes set on going skiing. It is one of the main attractions of the area and skiing is one sport that I love doing.  I eventually found a friend who also enjoys going to the slopes and we set a date to head up to the mountains and enjoy a full day’s worth of skiing.  What I did not realize though was that we would be walking practically the entire way up the mountain to get to the slopes!  A friend dropped us off at the bottom of the mountain at around 7:30 in the morning and approximately two hours and seven, uphill kilometers later we reached the bottom of the slopes-needless to say, I was exhausted at this point and wasn’t sure I’d even have the energy to ski all day!!  But of course the skiing was absolutely fantastic and well worth the walk up (at least I can say that now that the walk is over…were I walking up the mountain again I might just change my mind about that!).  I had a blast skiing and getting to know the girl that I went with and at the end of the day we began our descent down the mountain.  I was just thankful that it would all be downhill and not up.  Fortunately after walking only about thirty minutes there was a car that stopped to give us a ride down the rest of the mountain.  The car had four full grown men in it so my friend and I had to squeeze in the back seat which already had two other men sitting in it.  I eventually made it to the bottom though, with a great story to tell, lots of pictures, and a new friend.

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