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A Different Kind of Pace

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Things in Kyrgyzstan move at their own pace. That is a lesson you must learn early on when you begin living here. If you don’t learn it quickly, you just might go crazy.  But this is not just a phenomenon specific to Kyrgyzstan. Let me tell you what I mean.

Magevney and I are expecting our second child to arrive in late March. We will be having the baby in Istanbul, Turkey per our doctor’s advice. (We actually get to see an American OB/GYN in our village here!) So what that means is that we must fly out of Kyrgyzstan within the next two weeks or risk not being allowed to fly because we will be too close to the due date.

One would expect that by now we would have plane tickets purchased, housing lined up, a doctor there to see, and most details pretty well worked out, right? That seems reasonable as I plan to drive back to Bishkek in about 9 days and then fly out two days later. At least it seems reasonable to me. Yet at this late hour, I still have none of that done. Why? Well evidently in Istanbul, as in Kyrgyzstan, you don’t rent an apartment in advance. You just do it when you need it, as in within a week or so. (Here it would be more like a day or so.) Tickets? I haven’t purchased because I’m waiting on the hospital to get back to me as they say they help arrange tickets, visas, ground transportation, housing, and pretty much anything you need as an international patient in their hospital. But why worry about that weeks in advance when that could be handled, oh I don’t know, maybe as your plane lands??

While this entire episode has added some unwanted stress to our lives, at least it isn’t a surprise. It is just a different pace. It will all work out and come together. It will just all happen in its own time and not in my still time-centered cultural ways.

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