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Snow Slide

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When we returned to Karakol from our trip stateside, we were greeted with snow. No surprise there. When we left Karakol in late November there was about 10 inches on the ground. What did surprise me was that there was only about 6 inches when we returned early January. I expected quite a bit more. I’m not complaining though. I’m not a huge fan of snow after all.

Kids here, just like kids everywhere I suppose, love to play in the snow. I did as a kid, though I never experienced much of the white stuff. My daughter absolutely loves snow. She can play in it long after Daddy has frozen and she shows no sign of slowing down.

What was so cool to discover upon our return was the creation of an older Russian man in the neighborhood. Evidently, this man builds and maintains a snow slide every year for the kids. It is about five feet tall and about twice that in length with stairs made of snow. Between the weight of the kids and the sun melting the snow and it refreezing overnight, the entire slide is covered with a layer of ice that extends far beyond the end of the slide. The result is a super-fast and super-fun ride for kids of all ages!!

Snow SlideThere are lines all the time as kids wait their turn. For many, this must be a highlight of the season, a bright spot in the midst of short days and cold temperatures. I don’t know who this man is but I want to meet him. Anyone who spends this much time year in and year out building something for neighborhood kids has got to be a pretty good guy. I’d say this is just one more advantage of life in the village.

One thought on “Snow Slide

  1. That slide looks epic! I’d totally be in line, too!
    — Scott


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