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A Kyrgyz Feast

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The FeastMy first experience eating genuine Kyrgyz food happened just the other day when the landlord of some friends invited a large group of us, along with another group from India, to have dinner at her house.  Not knowing what to expect, I was excited to see what Kyrgyz food looks like, tastes like, etc., and I was even more excited to be in a Kyrgyz home.  Unfortunately for me I had eaten lunch that day and therefore could only eat small amounts of the mounds of food that kept pouring out from the kitchen all night long.  Our host first brought out two different kinds of bread-one baked and one fried-and layed at least a half dozen loaves of each on the table in front of us.  Then came the apples.  Then the beet salad.  Then the plov.  Then the soup.  Then the…well you get the point.  It was a gigantic feast!  The bread, of course was absolutely delicious (I mean who doesn’t like bread?!).  The apples, which are one of the main fruits grown here in Kyrgyzstan, were also delicious.  The beet salad had so much garlic in it I’m not really sure what it tasted like other than garlic, but that too I didn’t mind so much.  The main dish served though was the plov.  Plov is essentially white rice with a few vegetables in it and then some form of meat mixed in as well.  In all honesty the plov wasn’t bad but it was bland and a bit mushy.  At the end of our meal, our host graciously gave each of the girls a scarf as a gift to take home and to remember her and our time in her house.  She spent several minutes also talking about her work, her prestige, and her income (something we Americans typically try to avoid talking about), while one of the men translated for all of us non-Russian speakers.  Overall the entire night was a great success and a wonderful introduction to the Kyrgyz life.

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