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onboard the planeThe Christmas holidays came and went, and with that a long, and I mean LOOOOONG trip to the United States. Since our destination for this trip home was Washington State, we were traveling for 50 hours from door to door. Most people shudder at these numbers. Many wouldn’t attempt it for a “short trip” to see family. Most would definitely not see the actual trip part as fun.

I actually love to travel. I love the whole thing. I get on the website ahead of time and check out the plane size to see where our seats are located. I also check to see if there are the little TV screens in the back of the seat. There is nothing as disappointing as getting on an international, over-the-ocean flight and finding that the only entertainment system is the one used overhead. I can’t believe how big of a difference that has made since they first introduced this concept and now I am just horrified if they still use oversees carriers without the TVs. As soon as I get on the plane I plan out my movie watching and duck my head under the seat to see if there is a USB plug or an outlet for our own music devices and phones so that they are well charged for the long lay-overs. And yes, I am a big fan of decently sized lay overs so that the stress factor of potentially missing flights is waylaid. Next, I plan out the meal choices: chicken or pasta…. hmmmm… is the sauce marinara? (never my favorite, esp. reheated over soggy pasta or rubbery chicken) yes, therefore the choice falls on the non marinara option. The shoes come off, the pillow is tucked into the lower back, the blanket spread over the legs and I am ready for my long-haul flight with endless entertainment and napping. Who can complain?

Best flight ever? It was on a Virgin Atlantic carrier, where after the safety features were displayed, they did a pop quiz that included some Christmas trivia and the winner who called the flight attendant first had a free upgrade to 1st class with companion. Wow! And, no, it wasn’t me. But, seriously, how cool is that? They also offered to immediately help disembark anyone who dared to smoke in the lavatory, which got some laughs out of the people flying. Sadly, Virgin Atlantic does not fly all the way to Bishkek, because if they had made that same offer on our flight from Moscow to Bishkek, they would have had three candidates who smoked several times in the lavatory during our flight.

Yup, flying is always an adventure. Especially in Central Asia.

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