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Love for Lenin

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dec 18 (2)For the astute lover of history it would not be such a surprise to see so many statues of Lenin around. I on the other hand, have been really surprised by the outright pride and acceptance that many people have of their soviet past. The memories, I should say, of the average person are bitter sweet. There were so many things that were built and established during the soviet times that there can be no denial that it was a time of overall development. It seems the infrastructure for schools, hospitals, military and government were laid during that time. For the Kyrgyz people this was a time of upward mobility over other people groups in this region, who did not get a land named for them. They still exist in little hamlets, staunchly defending their own traditions and culture. The Kyrgyz got their place on the map. So, it is no wonder that there are still remnants of Lenin’s teaching, and signs and busts all over the place, since people have chosen to remember the good, not the bad. Now that the people are moving towards even more nationalistic tendencies it will be interesting to see how long the remnants of the years past will continue to linger. But for now, it is still surreal to walk past the huge statues and other memorabilia.

dec 18 (3) dec 18 (4) dec 18

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