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Beef… It’s what’s for Dinner

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the best steak house on the planetAnyone who knows me knows that I love steak. You just can’t beat a perfectly grilled slab of beef. I love to season and grill my own steaks but I haven’t been able to do so in over a year because I have no grill in Kyrgyzstan. Nevertheless, steak remains a favorite, all be it, rare, meal.

When I travel I like to find a good steak house to try out. I can think of steak houses I have visited in seven countries on four continents with most of them being quite good. One of my favorites of all time was in Mexico City where one steak was big enough to feed the Dugger family.  Sadly though, the couple of steaks I’ve had in Kyrgyzstan were somewhat lacking. Now don’t get me wrong, there are other good food options available, but steak isn’t one of them.

I recently was in Istanbul, Turkey for a few days and got to try out a steak house a friend had recommended. He hyped it so much I really didn’t think it would be all that great. The place is called Gunaydin and it is on the Asian side of the waters. I have to say, this place is amazing!! It is by far the best steak house I have ever been to. Our party of four was treated like royalty by staff who generally enjoy their work. The meats are all dry aged in house and cooked perfectly, often in butter! I think we had a total of 7 different cuts of meat plus appetizers all served up fresh by a team of men who never let a water glass drop by more than half a glass before being refilled.

I know this blog is about life in Karakol but this experience was so incredible that I had to tell about it. Where else would I have filet mignon, T-bone, prime rib, kabob, lamb shoulder, and more all in one meal and all cooked and seasoned perfectly? I am ashamed to say that it blows away any steak house I have been to in the US, including those that cost twice as much. Now if I could only figure out how to get them to open up a location in Karakol, everyone would know where to find me and I would no longer be half the man I used to be!

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  1. Address please??? 🙂


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