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Let It Snow

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Ryan and the snow

This past month my son has enjoyed the snow very much. He loves to pile the snow into small heaps and crush them with his small feet. He enjoys throwing snow at our legs, giggling uncontrollably. He packs the snow in his mittens every chance he gets and lines up the snow balls outside our door.  At his age he could play in the snow all day nonstop. My wife was born in the winter; our son was born in the summer. At the moment he seems to like the winter and its snowy weather more than any other season. He is definitely my wife’s son, as I have a dislike for cold weather. No matter, my child is in love with the snow. The place we live in is often covered in snow. It creates a beautiful blanket over the town. When we look out the window we see the mountain range fully blanketed. The mountains surround us. In spite of my dislike of winter, the Karakol region is a magnificent portrait of winter. When my feet are freezing while I am shopping at the bazaar, I think of how great the snowy mountains are. When my ears are numb, I take joy at the view of the pure snow outside on the playground. Most of all, I see the wonderful smile on my son’s face when he has snow in his palms.

Snowy playground

Sometimes I have to sit down and just simply enjoy the season of cold. I am just taking a little time out to appreciate how great the snow season really is. When I was a kid I had just as much love for the snow as my son has now. Somewhere along the way I became a grouchy man about the cold. I see the twinkle in my boy’s eyes and they remind me why I loved it. Enjoying the snow in Karakol seems easier now that I see it through my son’s eyes.

One thought on “Let It Snow

  1. Did you ever even see snow growing up as a kid in the southwest? Haha


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