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Lake Issyk Kul

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Issyk KulOne of the greatest perks of living in Karakol is the close proximity of Lake Issyk Kul. Issyk Kul is considered the second largest saline like in the world. It is not the biggest lake I have ever lived on, since I have spent many a pleasant summer on Lake Michigan which is much bigger. Lake Michigan did teach me to absolutely love large bodies of water. To gaze out over the open water, watch the weather change as it moves across it and sink my toes into the sand. It is pure heaven to spend some time on a lake. So, it was a very big privilege to see Issyk Kul for the very first time. The beauty of the alpine lake is breath taking, and I absolutely love being able to see the long expanse of gorgeous mountains circling the entire lake. The snowcapped beauties around the deep blue lake instantly make you relax.

The other aspect of lake life that I love is the fish! And boy, do the people living around this region know how to preserve fish in the most tasty manner ever!  My favorite delicacy from this region is their smoked fish. There is just an elegance to the flavor that can so easily be used for many luscious dishes. Mhmm… enjoy!

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