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Trip to the Bazaar, #2

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Recently I went to the central bazaar in Karakol with my friend to get some last minutes supplies for a student holiday event. We drove around looking for a good parking spot and found a place at the back entrance. We had our list in hand and made our way in. The first few steps right into the bazaar we saw a couple of locals girls slip on ice but they didn’t fall to the ground. They laughed and walked off. But not too far behind we heard them laugh at us as my friend and I slipped on the very same spot.

The whole bazaar was slick from packed snow that fell earlier in the week. In the middle of this small bazaar we found some vendors selling vegetables.  We got what we needed and moved on. Leaving the vegetable vendors, we saw a couple of guys dragging car hoods by some rope attached to them. I thought this was odd and I chuckled to myself. We quickly scouted for the rest of our items and we entered a small store among the “candy” aisle. The doors opened and the fresh smell of  meat greeted us. I was hungry. The smell was so strong it made my mouth water. It was not a great idea for me to shop in the bazaar on an empty stomach.

We left the aisles and picked up some bread. It was the last on our list. We started our way out and I noticed the men with car hoods again. They were loading piles of snow from various aisles and shops. The hoods were used to transport the snow across the icy paths. I smiled and thought to myself, “What a great idea. I need a used car hood to go sledding sometime.”  I slipped on the same area as before as I thought about the car hood idea. It as a quick trip, but I saw something that day that I had not seen before. I saw a great way to sled using car hoods.

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