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Going to the Bazaar

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Going to the bazaar is refreshing at times. My wife and I went this past weekend to get some of our usual groceries and some warm clothes for our son. We arrived at the bazaar in the afternoon on Saturday. It was muddy from the melted snow. We set off to look for some toddler leggings, gloves, boots, and socks. Entering the bazaar, there were many plastic drapings overhead to keep the snow and water from spilling on the venders. But these coverings do very little for the shoppers walking through the aisles. Shoppers huddled under the coverings and dodged as much as possible. In tight aisles, there were pedestrian bottlenecks, everyone trying to keep clear of the dripping snow water. Down below we hopped over streams and puddles that were hard to avoid. Every path was iced and slippery. Along one of these aisles I slipped on ice a few times before I stepped completely in a puddle of freezing water. That was my left foot. We walked deeper into the bazaar.

As I walked past the aisle of boots, I felt cold drops of water on my head. We looked at a few snow boots but saw none that we liked. My head was cold. We continued on and then I stepped in another puddle with my other foot. Now both my feet were cold and wet. We bought some things along our stroll and my head kept getting colder as I walked through the aisles trying to avoid the drips of ice water. We eventually got out of the area where water was dripping. Then we entered the muddy side of the bazaar. We looked for produce and grains. We were dodging mud splashes from other people while we walked and bargained. We finally got all the supplies we planned to get. My feet were cold, my head was freezing, and I was mud spattered. Next time I’ll remember to bring a hat. Nonetheless, it was still a refreshing afternoon and we were glad to get out of the house. I’ll keep these thoughts in mind when summer hits.

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