Life At Point C

Experiencing Life along the Silk Road

Man of Power, Part 2

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My local friend and I were in the car with this “Man in Black” driving to the Beatles Café. I noticed there was a black Mercedes car following us all the way. I had no idea what to expect. We arrived at the café and sat down with the man in black along with the driver. The café looked like it was straight from the 60’s. It had a psychedelic vibe: very colorful with Beatles posters all over the walls. There was very little talking going on for about 15 minutes. My friend sat next to me and just looked at his phone messages. Then a group of middle aged men came walking through the café doors. All the guys greeted each other and sat down to order. All night they talked about the Beatles and about their glory days. They all asked me the same questions. “Where are you from? Why are you in Bishkek? How long have you played the guitar?” The night was full of cigarette smoke and laughter. They all invited me to join them for the rest of the night on the town. It was 8:45pm. “I have to get back to my wife” I told them. They all laughed and then the “Man in Black” told me that he could escort me back to the student center. So we left and he dropped me off right where the night had started. He asked me if I was available to go this rock club the next time I saw him. I looked at him with a silly grin on my face and I told him, “Maybe, if you don’t get me in trouble.”

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