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A Great Set of Wheels

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my dream ride

I have a brother who is in love with cars. Since he was a little boy he has just admired all kinds of cars, but I especially remember when the Audi TT first hit the market. You could not hear the end of it. In fact, one time I know that he, my mother, and my dad almost missed an airplane flight because dad and my little brother had to go admire a showcased TT in the airport. That is some serious car adoration. In Kyrgyzstan you see the same kind of love for certain brands because people switch out their car emblems to reflect one they like better. I have seen Ladas, tractors and even a bicycle with the Audi emblem on it.

Audi bike???


I, on the other hand have my eye on practical vehicles. I love the three-wheeled scooter with a serious cargo space. I think it is just the cleverest contraption for scooting around our little town and still being able to lug all the things you need. When we first moved here, I was determined to get a hold of one of these…. No problem parking it, maneuvering it between the crowds around the bazaar, zipping around town on low fuel costs with the wind breezing through my hair. Unfortunately, a good friend warned me off. He told us that these little scooters were built during the soviet time, and that they are so run down, and constantly in need of repair, therefore, also dangerous. Man, did he burst my bubble. Anyway, I still envy those who have managed to keep them going for so many years. They know the value of a good set of wheels.

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