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Never a Dull Moment


water bucket with a radiatorThere are a lot of things that someone could say about Kyrgyzstan, but “Wow is it dull here!” isn’t one of them.  In Kyrgyzstan, there is never a dull moment. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t get bored or wish at times that we were back home, but even the boredom isn’t dull in Kyrgyzstan. Here, everything is an adventure. For example, here is what has happened over the last couple of days:

1.)    First, we discovered that we’re locked inside our house because our front door has broken overnight, and our garage is padlocked from the outside. We had to get rescued by friends.

2.)    It is getting cold, but our radiators were leaky, so a plumber had to come help us fix them.

3.)    I spent over an hour with two tech support guys from the internet company in my kitchen trying to get the internet to work. “We have never seen this brand before. Who are ‘Linksys’ and ‘Cisco’?” they innocently ask.

4.)    More stories with the tech support guys: when asked something puzzling in Russian, I replied, “I don’t understand.” They replied, “That means ‘are you connected’?”  “Oh,” I answered, “Yes, I’m connected” – repeating the new word like a good student of language should do. They both laugh. “Is that the kind of word I can use in front of my mom?” I ask. “Definitely not,” is their reply and I realized I’ve just said something dirty in Russian. Oddly enough, accidentally cussing in a foreign language doesn’t feel even slightly wrong.

5.)    One radiator was still leaking, so the plumber came back to teach me how to patch it.

6.)    I ran to the store to buy some stuff for the table because we were offering tea to some people who dropped by.  While in line to buy juice and water, I noticed that the entire corner market was full of people, and I was the only person not buying vodka and candy (it was Kurban Ait, a major Muslim holiday).

7.)    Discovered that our hot water heater is apparently burning up (with that nice “burning electrical stuff” smell); this item is yet unfixed, but we have turned it down.  Ahhh, bring on the definitely-not-dull, mildly-warm showers!

8.)    Went for a nice long run on a perfect day (see my last post), which results in getting stared at by nearly everyone in the entire area. I can only assume it is because I’m good looking. 😉

9.)    Someone shuts off the water for our block without telling anyone. The valve is in front of our house, so one by one neighbors show up to complain, asking when it will be on, who shut it off, and each one kindly taking the time to explain to me that he should have told people first.

10.) We discover that something is leaking in the kitchen (fairly seriously), so again the plumber shows up. He is a great guy, and as he’s leaving I say, “I’m glad we get to see you, but I do wish that we didn’t have so many plumbing problems.” “But if you don’t have problems, you don’t get to see me,” he answered. “Ok, we will try to break something else,” I respond. He smiles and laughs.

So, as I said, never a dull moment. There were more things happening – these are just some of the highlights to our very un-dull life in Kyrgyzstan!

2 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. I’d still love to come visit!


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