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My Night with a Man of Power

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me playing the red guitarA few years ago we were working in a student center in Bishkek. One night I was playing guitar while my wife and another local student were working on translating some of his homework. Then a man dressed in all black walked through the doors. He said nothing and sat down next to us. He asked if the guitar was mine. After I told him “da”, he asked if he could play it. I handed him my candy red Gibson electric guitar and he started to play. He played a Beatles song and stopped to ask if we knew many songs from them. “Yes, of course, I know Beatles songs” I told him. He continued playing and asked if I knew other songs. He did this for at least 20 minutes. Toward the end of this meeting the man asked something that I did not understand. But soon after, our student friend froze. The student told me that this man was part of the Presidential administration. I was more than surprised. We talked of hardly anything besides The Beatles. After 30 minutes of playing music and talking, this man invited me to The Beatles Cafe. I was speechless. I told my wife that I would go with him. So I left with him for the rest of the night.


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