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Water and Power Outages

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With our recent water and power outages I’ve put some thought into which outage I prefer. Kinda silly, I know. It is not like I have a choice in the matter. Nevertheless I have weighed the cons of each.

Water Outages:

-dishes pile up: when they are all hand washed, they can pile up quickly and take a long time to conquer!

-no bathing: I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one

-no water for simple things such as washing hands and flushing the toilet

So, you ask, what do you do when there is no water? We have a large “settling” tank that we keep water in. The water in this tank can be used for hand washing, dish washing, toilet flushing, etc. but has to be used sparingly. We have discovered that we need another tank because it would be easy to deplete this stash in just a day.

Power Outages:

-food in the fridge and freezer could spoil, my number one con for a power outage

-no lights, more difficult in the shorter days of winter

-no internet

-no warm water unless you are going to boil some: we have both electric and gas burners so this is doable

We don’t have air conditioning so that is not an issue. Our centralized heat has now been turned on. Hot water runs through the pipes to the radiators. I don’t think this is affected by our other water supply, and we do have 2 electric heaters so either way we can stay warm.

With either outage laundry piles up. Each laundry cycle takes a minimum of 1.5 hrs to wash and at least half a day to dry on the racks on the balcony, depending on the temperature on the balcony.

The Verdict:

Well, after weighing the cons of either outage, I think I’d honestly prefer the power outage over the water outage. Water is just such an essential part of life. It is worrisome to get to the end of your water supply. You need water to drink and to cook, and a personal favorite of mine, to get clean! Power outages are just more of an annoyance, granted, potentially a very expensive annoyance, depending on what may spoil in your fridge.

What do you think?

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