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The Wet Willy Haircut

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I need a haircut. I have not had one since June. I scratch my shaggy head as I recall my first haircut experience in Kyrgyzstan. Here is
that story.

I walked into a small shopping center called Beta Stores in the city of Bishkek. I had heard many reviews of this so called “Turkish”
hair salon from many of my friends. I was nervous but excited to try it out for the first time. I walked into the salon on the second floor
and was greeted by a lone man with sheers in his hands. I sat and he prepped the stool, adjusting the height. I told him how short I wanted my hair to be and he started right away. With sheers in his hand, he was constantly snipping my hair. I heard him snip the sheers repeatedly, even when he was not cutting my hair. It was hypnotic. After a while, he took clippers and finished the rest. I thought it was over, but then he took my head over the sink and washed my hair. “Ah, how pleasant” I thought. He washed my face and then, to my surprise, washed the inside of my ears, wet willy style. He brought me up and dried my face off and then squeezed my head tightly. It felt good. He proceeded to massage my head down my neck to my shoulders. He took my arms and waved them loosely before he finished the massage. He took my head and twisted it until it cracked. It was very relaxing. It was a great way to end the experience, until he brought fire into the equation. He put a long q-tip into some alcohol and lit it on fire with a lighter. I was very interested. “Close your eyes” he told me. I did. Less than half a second later, he was batting my face with the flame around my nose, cheeks, and ears. This was a bit shocking and still relaxing at the same time. He put the flame out and splashed my face with a little cologne and it was over. I paid the barber, feeling like a new man.

Needless to say, I had never had such an experience like this before. This little barber shop has ruined all others for me.

Shall I settle for a boring haircut or return to this particular barber?

One thought on “The Wet Willy Haircut

  1. You have been ruined, have the ability to go back, so for me, the answer is simple. Go back. Why would you want boring when you can have relaxing and exciting?


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