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Sunrise Bazaar


early at the bazaarBazaar shopping has its certain charm: walking between the colorful stalls, looking for treasures, comparing deals as you go from person to person asking the price of potatoes, onions, tomatoes and cabbage. Sometimes you get a great deal, and sometimes you get to pay “foreigner tax”. The best part is finding the occasional treat: fresh basil or fresh celery, chili powder… yes!

Then there is the bazaar shopping for bazaar sellers: the early morning hours when the farmers and whole-sellers line the streets with trucks in front of the bazaar and open the truck beds to unload huge sacks of vegetables. The sun barely peeks over the mountain ridges, the ice crunches under each footstep on the ground as we walk from truck to truck and inquired of each seller their asking price for veggies.

Having found the best price, we pull the van around and load up 90 pound sacks of potatoes, onions, turnips and beets. These bags will hold us for the entire winter. Yeah, they might get a little more wrinkled, and dry, but at wholesale prices we got a steal in veggies for the winter. Now, all I have to do is go into the basement to pick out my veggies for tomorrow’s Kung- Pao chicken dinner. Yum!

shopping DarylLada at the bazaar





2 thoughts on “Sunrise Bazaar

  1. Did you pile the big bags on top of the car for the ride home??? 🙂


  2. Awesome pictures Sarah!


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