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Drunken Killer

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new friendsI was at one of the local stores here in Karakol looking to buy some cigarettes to help alleviate a bee sting (apparently, moist tobacco applied directly to the sting is helpful). My friend was stung just moments before. I ran in with my American buddy and we got a pack of cigarettes for $0.30. We were about to leave when a middle-aged man started to ask me questions. My friend left with the smokes and I stayed behind to entertain my new acquaintance.

Turns out, this was a grave mistake. His interest was piqued when I told him I am Apache. He asked questions about how we live and about movies with Apache people. He was genuinely surprised that I don’t ride horses or shoot arrows on a normal basis. We talked for a long time and I was late for a meeting. I told him that I had to go, but he said that first I had to meet his family, and he started to drag me into a street where cars were whizzing by. He was drunk! I pulled away from his grasp so as to avoid dying under the tires of a car, and I told him I must go.

The store was not far from the meeting place. I walked through the gates to greet my friend, Daryl, but not a minute behind me the drunken man waltzed through the gate as well.  This was truly shocking and we tried to gently get this man off of the property. He would not budge and continued to talk and to ask questions about America. In his drunken honesty halfway through our “conversation”, he told us that he once killed a man for insulting his mom and spent 10 years in jail. Great! Now we have a drunken killer hanging on us. We had the typical conversation with a drunken man.  He kissed my face at least 5 times and kept getting our names mixed up (Derrick and Daryl apparently sound very similar). We eventually got him off the property.  Here’s another unexpected adventure in Kyrgyzstan: I have been kissed by a drunken killer.

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