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Fast Food Cravings

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McDonalds?? Not hardly!!

McDonald’s?? Not hardly!!

One of the best ice breakers for those who live far from their home country: fast food chains. Most countries have them, and we all miss them when we are far from home. While I rarely stopped in at McDonalds or KFC when I lived in the U.S., now that I am far away, I easily crave that which I do not have: chicken nuggets, a hot fudge sundae and a large order of fries. Never mind that they are completely unhealthy, that isn’t important, it isn’t the point. The point is… well, the point is… let’s just say there doesn’t need to be a point. We just miss the food we can’t have. And since that is a universally acknowledged feeling, it can be a great conversation starter. This is also why care packages are so amazing (DesertLaVena: Soul Food) and why we carefully plan, dream, and salivate over where we will direct the car the minute our airplane touches the tarmac on U.S. soil. “Mom, take us to Costco, I have a hotdog with my name on it…”

In the meantime, we experience funny reminders of that U.S. food so far out of our reach when we visit the kiosks that try to mimic a favorite fast food joint. They just don’t cut it; Central Asian fast food just isn’t the same as a favorite comfort food. However, I am sure there is the random Kyrgyz student who is studying in the U.S. or wherever and finds himself saying, “Man, I wish I could have a piece of Kyrgyzstan Flavored Chicken…”

KFC Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan Flavored Chicken

KFC Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan Flavored Chicken

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