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Decorating in Kyrgyzstan

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Our decorated living room

Our decorated living room

I’ve never been one for spending money on decorating. I don’t really see myself as having an eye for decorating and it seems that I can always find other things to spend money on. However, when we moved into our current apartment it was obvious that it would need some decorating help to make it feel homey. All the floors are gray linoleum, the walls are stark white, and there were no curtains or rugs. The apartment was set up as an office before we moved in. I postponed the inevitable decorating spending for several months, but the time finally came when I needed to add some personal decorating touches to feel more at home in the apartment.

Our living room came furnished with red chairs and a red couch. That was my starting point. I needed something to both tone down and blend in with the red. Scott, Sarah, and I headed to the bazaar. We found a container with a supply of curtains. I dreaded having to make the decision among a myriad of choices, but it was so much easier than I thought it would be. Basically, my choices included variations of red, green, gold, ivory, and pink! We knew that basically all the sellers would have the same things, so there was really no need to stop at more than one place. I picked out the curtains with matching sheers and they altered them for us there—ready the same day!

We headed to find a rug to go with the furniture and curtains. My eyes immediately feel upon one particular rug which happened to be one of the nicest they had. I guess I do have good taste! It is unlike anything I would have picked out in the States, but I love it! It has a little Kyrgyz flare but with a twist. It has all come together beautifully and it makes such a difference in making our living room feel more comfortable. Maybe this decorating thing isn’t as painful as I thought!

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