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The Show Must Go On Part 2

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continued from last Wednesday OCT 3rd…

The next day was the performance. I took all our musical equipment over to the university. We had a couple friends help us set up in the morning. But it was going to be a stressful day. My band could not help out because they were in classes all morning and I had to have all our equipment lined up off stage behind the curtains. We had wires, amps, microphones, drums, and guitars scattered all over the backstage. Plus, on top of keeping our gear in check, we had to keep students from playing on the drums. It was annoying.

My guitarist eventually showed up. The 2 of us set up the amps and connections just minutes prior to the start of the show. I had a glance of the roster and I noticed we were going to perform in the middle of the showcase. Thank goodness, because my drummer was nowhere to be found. Then, the show started.

An hour passed by and still no drummer. I was nervous…real nervous. We were up next. Then, with no explanation, he showed up not more than mere minutes before we had to play. No time for arguments, we hopped backstage. We plugged in and tuned up and before we knew it we were up. We had no time for a warm-up or a sound check. We shifted our equipment into place and started into our first song.

We blazed through the opening song with no problems. Sweaty from live energy, we fired up the middle song. It was all sounding great until disaster happened. My guitarist jumped in the air halfway through the song and missed his landing. Upon his missed step, he flew backwards, hopping on one foot to catch himself. He crashed into the back curtain, guitar and amp trailing behind him. The drummer lost the beat as I mumbled the lyrics trying to figure out what was going on. We gazed into the confused audience. Then a roar of laughter raged from the crowd. My guitarist arose and we finished our set. We jumped off stage and started to laugh about what happened. Then my drummer said, “I don’t think they will invite us back.”

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