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An Ode to Apple Butter

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I was first introduced to apple butter after I married my husband. You will always find a jar of apple butter in my mother-in-law’s fridge and if our niece is around that jar has to be replaced pretty much on a weekly basis. Other than putting apple butter on the traditional suspects, such as biscuits and toast, she would put it on top of her eggs and occasionally just have a spoonful. My husband is also a fan, although not quite to that extent.

So, when we started our recent apple canning project, I suggested that we do apple butter in addition to apple sauce. I was a bit nervous about the apple butter endeavor because apple butter was not as familiar to the other worker bees on the project (Sarah and LaVena). I hated to pull them into making something that they might not like. Oh well, it was a risk worth taking.

It was a two day project. We picked the 60 lbs (27 kg) of apples from our friends’ backyard.

about half of the apples we picked

about half of the apples we picked








Unfortunately, none of us has invested in an apple peeler/corer so we peeled and chopped the apples by hand. That was the majority of the work.

We even got the guys involved!

We even got the guys involved!








We used nearly 50 cups of sugar, 15 tsp of cinnamon, and 5 tsps of cloves. We were able to can nearly 10 jars of both apple sauce and apple butter. The marvelous smell of the cooking apples and spices was better than any candle I’ve ever bought and was a definite plus to the work. A few of the jars didn’t seal so we each got one already opened jar to immediately put in the fridge (oh darn!). We did this canning project just last weekend and we’ve already easily gone through 1/3 of our jar. The Donas have admitted that they’ve already practically finished off their first jar. The Jumps aren’t complaining about their apple butter either. I think the risk paid off and this will definitely be a repeat for next year’s canning season.

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