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Half the Man You used to be

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Me and my daughter, April 2011

My daughter and me, April 2011

My family and I moved to Central Asia eleven months ago, landing in Kazakhstan briefly before heading south for Kyrgyzstan. When we arrived I was an out of shape 225lb man. One of the major differences between life here and life in Memphis is how much more I walk here than I ever have stateside. Another big one is the amount of fresh foods we eat rather than the processed, preserved staples of the other side of the pond. Put it together and you have what I call the Central Asian Diet.

I knew I had lost some weight very quickly. Just a week or two into our new lives in Almaty, I fell on the ice and injured my elbow. At the doctor I learned I had lost about ten pounds. I thought that was good but didn’t think much else about it. When we moved to Kyrgyzstan, I really started walking a lot. Every day I walked at least a couple of miles to get around to classes, tutoring, shopping, etc. More weight came off quickly.

I didn’t realize the difference these lifestyle changes had really made until this summer. I got to see some people I hadn’t seen in quite some time, as in minimum of a year. One person in particular came up to me and said, “Scott, you’re half the man you used to be!”

About the same time I had to start getting some new clothes as all mine are too big now. I guess it has finally sunk in that my weight loss is somewhat significant. I know I feel better. I can’t say anything about looking better but I hope that is true too. So what is the bottom line you say? As of a month or so ago, (I need a battery in my scale) I’m at 185lb, down a total of 40lb. All of that was off by May and it seems to have stabilized now. This is one case where being half the man you used to be is definitely a good thing.

Family picture at the lake, June 2012

with the family at the lake, June 2012

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