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Fast Food

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Outside a local fast food placeWhen we first moved to Karakol, we heard of a new “fast food” place. I was pretty excited to see this business start. I am a big fan of the fast food chain “Begemot” that is famous in Bishkek. Upon first glance, the small company looked as if it had all its ducks in a row.

It looked modern, compared to the other cafes in town.

It looked appetizing.

It looked professional.
And the name brand seemed appealing, colored in red and white (KFC anyone?).

There was a great amount of expectation in my mind. How is it going to taste? I have been to numerous fast food stands in Bishkek and most of them taste the same. I was expecting the same taste from this new café in Karakol. The first time I tried out the café, I ordered a burger and fries, nothing new. I tried the burger and I was very satisfied. It was juicy, fresh, with plenty of meat. Fast food places usually pile a mountain of “salad” into burgers and then drown it all in mayonnaise and ketchup. This fast food place did a great job of not killing the burger with fluff. The fries I ordered were hot and delicious. Not too salty, not underdone, nor overdone. It was a great fast food experience that I would be glad to repeat.

The second time I returned, they told that the meat would not be ready until 1pm, after lunch time! So I thought that this was a little bit odd. “It’s a fast food place that is located across from the university that does not have food ready by 12pm” I thought. Well, maybe it was just a one-time mistake.  The third time I returned, they told me that they would not have a shwarma (aka:  central Asian burrito) until after 1pm. I started to see a pattern. The fourth time I returned, they said “we will have no meat until tomorrow.”  I laughed out loud from my gut, it tickled me so much.

My best experience was my first time at the café. I suppose it’s hard for a café to start up successfully if they constantly have no food. I long for the day when I can walk by the place and get the amazing burger I remembered when I first ate there. But that might be asking too much. Then again, this is probably a sign that I should lay off the burger and fries

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