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Russian Books

Just a few of our russian books

Earlier this week, I began the process of registering for Russian classes at the local university. It’s been a while since I had to register for a university, especially by paper. This experience was unlike any other for me in the academic world.

You see, we will be the only foreign, let alone western, students at a university of approximately 7,000 students. The university doesn’t even have a fee structure for foreign students developed. As you can guess, this was not to be a simple process.

There were four of us, Sarah, LaVena, Magevney, and myself all trying to register. We met with a lady who was beyond helpful. She took us to every office we could need to go to spread out in four buildings covering several blocks of walking, including a trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office to discuss our visas.

Before it was all said and done, we had sat in the office of the president of the university for his approval of our studying there, the vice-president over the language department for his approvals, the Russian Language department, the Kyrgyz language department, plus several other stops along the way.

Though we are not quite registered yet, we hope to have it all done soon so we can resume our language studies. I know I need to get back into studiying Russian soon.  I can’t imagine having these types of meetings during a registration process anywhere else. Life is an adventure.

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