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Goal Met: We Can Can!


The plans are in place.  The recipes have been researched and agreed upon by Team Canning (Magevney, LaVena and I) the preferred amounts have been discussed and recorded.

The Goal: 50+ liters of Spaghetti sauce and 15+ liters of salsa.

Bring it on!

The day started with a 6 A.M. run to the bazaar for the produce. At the crack of dawn we went from truck to car buying our veggies at significant savings directly from the farmers and wholesalers.

Veggies at the Bazaar

90kg of tomatoes: the challenge seems staggering at this point.

Making Sauce

Learning moment: making creamy tomato sauce takes hours of patient mashing, boiling down, adding a few more tomatoes, mashing, boiling down, adding a handful more of tomatoes, mashing… you get the picture.

Magevney Hard at Work

Magevney is voted most patient.  She also spent hours peeling 15kg worth of onions and countless garlic heads.

What a Mess!

WOW! Learning moment #2: messiest activity on our stove surfaces. Ever.

A Batch Nears Completion


Nearing Completion

Sweet learning moment #3: canning really is more fun with friends


Goal met: 57 liters of spaghetti sauce and 14 liters of salsa.

Lesson learned: three days after starting, the 90kg of tomatoes were finally gone. What an amazing sense of accomplishment. Although I don’t want to see a tomato for another month, we can be proud of our shelves full of delicious sauce that we can enjoy all winter long. After figuring all the cost we even realized that besides the sunk cost of the jars and supplies, each liter of canned sauce costs only 60 cents.

2 thoughts on “Goal Met: We Can Can!

  1. Wow, did you ever get the stoves clean again? I hope that I get to sample your wares this winter sometime. Love to the whole canning bunch!


  2. Loving all your posts wow a big wow on the canning yeah for you all!


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