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Look, Tourists!

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As foreigners in Karakol, we are easy to spot. We know this. But as easy as we are to pick out, we are nothing compared to the tourists who come through to backpack across the wilderness. I’m told that many of these backpacking tourists come from Europe. Karakol is a popular landing spot for these backpackers so during the summer especially, locals are used to seeing these tourists around. As much fun as it has become for us to point out these backpackers, I can’t imagine what the locals think. Maybe it is just a normal part of their summer lives. During our beach day that I blogged about last week, we spotted two of these tourists walking through. It was so funny to see them in their backpacking gear while everyone else was in their swimsuits, lying on the sand or playing in the water. Imagine them walking across the beaches of Florida or California while you and your family are hanging out by the water. So much easier and more fun than Where’s Waldo!Tourists on the beach

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