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Beat the heat with…smoothies!

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Ryan with a smoothie-face

Ryan cooling off with a smoothie, wearing it with pride.

Now that I have started this whole food theme, I figured I would continue along the same vein.  Specifically berries.  The summer months are a flip experience from the winter months:  there is an overabundant, delectable assortment of fresh berries available in the bazaars, along the streets, driving down the main roads even outside of the city, people have set out in front of their gates buckets of berries… for sale.  And ooooh, they are soooo good.  I crave the summer fresh berry season all year, and my favorite all time berry creation is a smoothie.

There is nothing like a great smoothie on a 100 F day when sweat is dripping down your back, your neck is baked, you have carried home the groceries and your arms are straining, your hair is sticky… you get the picture!  Yeah, so the best reward for a walk to the bazaar is buying these luscious fruits and then freezing them in little baggies (I know some of you already consider this ruining the fruit).  Once frozen solid, I dump the fruit in the blender, with some fresh Kefir (which is as available as milk here for consumption), a banana and incredible freshly ground peanut butter.  A word on the peanut butter:
Kyrgyzstan produces its own high quality peanut butter, but people here don’t really like it so we have to hunt for it on the store shelves.  And the sales lady will say (as you futilely go from store to store trying to find it!) “Peanut butter?  What do you use that for?”

Well, one thing is for sure: smoothies!!! So back to my smoothie that is melting in the blender as I go on and on about amazing Kyrgyz peanut butter…. so, I add a heaping tablespoon of the butter, and to top it off, we have a large bag of chia seeds that we flew all the way over here for healthy enjoyment.  They are the finishing beauty of any smoothie!

Then, I push the blender into action.  Blenders are an interesting thing.  Actually, Kitchen Appliances in general are an interesting thing.  I have learned to head the Kyrgyz people’s advice as they try to sell me appliances in the bazaar:  you always buy Turkish or Russian, NOT Chinese.  We are like the outlet-outlet mall for stuff made in China. (In my humble opinion) it’s the stuff that doesn’t pass inspection for US or European Sales,  doesn’t pass inspection for home country consumption, and gets trucked over to Central Asia.  I have bought some really, truly badly made – but cheap! – home appliances that have lasted me a very, very short time.

So, on my second (and sometimes third) round of buying several of my appliances for the house, I am now using a truly powerful Turkish model that can handle the ice crushing needed to make a smooth smoothie.

Ahhh…. pour into two cups, give Daryl one, then sit in front of the fan and enjoy!

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