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Golden Goodness

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One piece of advice we usually tell people when we go out to eat is to always have a second or third choice of dish in mind because usually the first choice will be out for the day. It’s always the worst when you enter a place, craving that one particular dish you’ve been hungering for days over, and you place your order and the waitress tells you that your dish is not being served. Bummer.

One day after hanging out with some friends we all started craving chicken nuggets, a new menu item at Begemot, a local fast food chain. We hopped into the van and started for a Begemot close to a food bazaar so we could also buy some fruit. We walked up to place our order and saw that this particular location did not serve chicken nuggets. Horror! We turned around, crawled into the van again, and drove to another location that we knew served chicken nuggets. We walked up to place our order and the cashier paid no attention to us. There was no one else to serve, all orders had been fulfilled, and after someone said “Are you ready to take our order?” the cashier finally looked at us. I said, “I would like a 10-piece order of chicken nuggets.” She blankly looked at me and mumbled something. I had to grab my friend to make sense of what she said: “Our fryer is out. No chicken nuggets, wings, fries, or onion rings. We only have burgers.” What?!

Oh now it was no longer a what-is-your-second-option situation. We would not be defeated or reject our craving. We were now on a mission and if we had to visit every location in Bishkek to get our nuggets we would, even if it meant hours on the hunt. We piled into the van to visit another location. Our excitement was building. One traffic citation later, we approached the third Begemot stand with both anticipation and fear of rejection in our eyes. The questions “Is our search over? Will we be able to receive our coveted golden goodness?” ran through our minds. Standing in front of the cashier we all let out one huge sigh of relief as the first order of chicken nuggets went through without opposition. Our mission finally completed, we savored every bite.

One thought on “Golden Goodness

  1. hmmm….I’ve not read any of your creative writing before. I like them all!


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