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Ruby Red Wares

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Strawberry jam bought roadside in Bishkek

Strawberry jam bought roadside in Bishkek. Notice what kind of jar it is in!

Shopping with Mom in Bishkek

I didn’t ever really consider writing a blog, but then the day came, and I realized it was a very good idea. Here is the story behind it….

I was shuffling along the ice on an incredibly blustery December day, holding on to my mom (I didn’t want her to fall) when I realized that no matter how often we talk on Skype we are still not able to capture and send her the essence of life in Kyrgyzstan.

We were out breathing in sub-zero air on a mission! My mother loves toast and jam, she could eat it every day of her life. I, on the other hand, had not inherited that trait from her. Therefore I had no jam in the house when she came to visit.  Our mission today was to find some fabulous raspberry jam for her to spread on her toast.  I directed her across busy streets, down icy sidewalks and finally came to the bazaar where I knew some babushkas (little Russian grandmas) would be selling their ruby red wares on the outskirts of the bazaar.  Sitting on little stools, with their jars laid out in front of them they would drive a hard bargain, but the succulent home-made jam would be well worth it.
Mission accomplished: we sat at my little dining table drinking tea, eating toast with butter and sugary layers of raspberry jam.  Sitting there listening to my mom describe our adventure, I was totally floored listening to the experience through my mom’s eyes as she described it to my dad:

“and we bought this amazing jam on the sidewalk!”

“on the sidewalk?”

“Yes, exactly, you would not believe, there are women and men lined up along the sidewalk selling jams, apples, salads. It was amazing!”
I just looked at them (kinda like watching a ping-pong game) as the conversation was volleyed back and forth and I realized: we talk almost every day, and they still can’t picture life in Kyrgyzstan.

I realized that there may be a better way to keep up on the little things in life, without mom and dad moving in next door: yes, writing a blog about everyday life would be a far better idea.

One thought on “Ruby Red Wares

  1. You wonder if it was sterilized…that should have taken the label off the coffee jar! MMM…but it was good, intense berries with tons of sugar!


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